Stephen Pintus

Director of Health and Wellbeing, North East Lincolnshire Council

Stephen joined North East Lincolnshire Council in January 2015. Currently his portfolio includes leisure and culture as well as public health. Prior to this move, Stephen was working in Derbyshire, jointly appointed with local government and the NHS, leading a reconfiguration of lifestyle services, producing a profile of the health needs of the population and leading the health and wellbeing strategy.

Having worked at a senior level in public health for 20 years, Stephen has built up a body of experience of work in a variety of settings: these have included  Director of a Health Action Zone, regeneration work with communities, work with the voluntary sector, project management in health inequalities, running partnerships, health care public health, as well as work in both local government and the NHS commissioning health and wellbeing services. Until recently Stephen has spent 15 years at the head of a voluntary organisation delivering supported employment to people with mental health and learning disabilities.