Children and Young People

The Children and Young People’s Community of Improvement is a defined strategic network that is jointly owned by Yorkshire and Humber Directors of Public Health (DsPH) Network and PHE. It is sponsored by the DsPH Network and PHE to establish a joint approach for the development of a work plan that will support the improvement of public health outcomes for children and young people within Yorkshire and Humber.

THE Children and Young People's Community of Improvement has identified the following topics as priorities for the next 12-18 months:

  • Childhood obesity (with Healthy Weight COI)
  • Unintentional injuries
  • Self harm
  • Perinatal mental health (with MH/suicide prevention COI)
  • Oral health/breastfeeding/infant nutrition
  • Smoking in pregnancy
  • PSHE

The Children and Young People's Community of Improvement is developing a virtual network for its members, this link to Knowledge Hub will be added when available.

Document Title Publication Date
Improving perinatal mental health in Yorkshire & the Humber - A local authority call to action 01 January 2018
YH Advocacy Statement and Guide for PSHE 01 February 2017

For queries please contact:
CoI Chair: Ben Leaman, PHE Lead: Gemma Mann


Virtual Network:

Link to Knowledge Hub: