Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

The Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Community of Improvement is a defined strategic network that is jointly owned by Yorkshire and Humber Directors of Public Health (DsPH) Network and PHE.  It is sponsored by the DsPH Network and PHE to establish a joint approach for the development of a work plan that will support the improvement of public health outcomes within Yorkshire and Humber.

The aims of this Community of Improvement are:

  • Promoting mental wellbeing;
  • Preventing future mental health problems;
  • Recovery from mental health problems.

We will achieve this by:-

  • Providing peer support for public mental health professionals across Yorkshire & the Humber;
  • Sharing best practice, policy, and guidelines related to public mental health interventions;
  • Sharing intelligence about public wellbeing and mental health issues;
  • Ensuring public mental health is integrated into health and social care planning and commissioning;
  • Acting as an advocacy and lobbying body for public mental health;
  • Developing consensus statements for Yorkshire & the Humber partners on key issues;
  • Acting as a support network for the Directors of Public Health and Public Health England in Yorkshire & the Humber;
  • Providing continuing professional development of its members, including leadership, training, and public health advocacy.

News: May 2018


A call to action...

A call to action has been made to support Public Mental Health Leadership and Workforce Development across Yorkshire and Humber. It takes forward national ambitions for public mental health leadership workforce development. It places these ambitions within the framework of the Prevention Concordat for Better Mental Health.   Click here for further information and access the call to action and accompanying case studies

For queries please contact:
CoI Chair: Duncan Cooper, PHE Lead: Corinne Harvey


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