The Public Health Practitioner Level 6 (L6 PHP) Apprenticeship is an integrated degree programme approved by the Institute of Apprenticeships and Technical Education. 

Public Health England in Yorkshire and the Humber is supporting the delivery of the Apprenticeship programme; working closely with a wide range of employer groups to ensure that this Apprenticeship is viable both financially and educationally.   

It is an opportunity for anyone interested in promoting, improving and protecting health to be trained to become a certified and registered public health practitioner. 


The L6 PHP apprenticeship will serve as a;

  1. Means to support career progression for staff as well as encouraging new talent into public health and
  2. Social mobility vehicle for career development accessible to people from different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds to study for a degree without incurring any debt.


 Key Features

 New Talent

The L6 PHP apprenticeship creates a new alternative post-16 career route for people wanting to get into Public Health as a career, ideal for anyone who would prefer a paid work based route into Public Health roles.


Career Development

The L6 PHP apprenticeship makes provision for both new entrants and an opportunity to support internal career progression for administrative/project officer type roles where career progression into other Public Health Practitioner roles may previously have been limited.


Transferable skills

The three-year programme will involve exposure to new knowledge and experiences that will come in handy during and after your training.


Public Health Practitioners

Public Health Practitioners work as part of a national workforce that strives to help people and communities to maximise their potential for a healthy, happy and productive life, and to live healthier for longer. Public Health Practitioners work in all the domains of Public Health:

  • Health Protection: Protecting people’s health (for example from environmental or biological threats, such as outbreaks of infectious diseases, food poisoning or radiation).
  • Health Care Public Health: Ensuring that our health services are the most effective, most efficient and equally accessible (including access to screening and vaccination programmes).
  • Health Improvement: Improving people’s health (for example by helping people quit smoking or improving their living conditions).

Typical public health job titles;

  1. Accident Prevention Officer
  2. Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Lead
  3. Community Development Worker
  4. Community Engagement Officer
  5. Health and Wellbeing Coordinator
  6. Health Improvement Practitioner
  7. Healthy Lifestyles Coordinator
  8. Immunisation Programme Coordinator
  9. Public Health Intelligence Officer
  10. Public Health Practitioner
  11. Public Health Project Manager
  12. Tobacco Control Lead
  13. Workplace Health Advisor etc

Blended  training

This 3-year programme will be a blend of 80% on-the-job training and 20% off-the-job training. The apprenticeship programme involves a degree programme which adds to the 20% off the job training.


Fully funded

The structured learning degree programme is fully-funded, giving apprentices the opportunity to gain a degree in public health at no cost!



Upon successful completion of the three-year apprenticeship programme, apprentices will receive a BSc Public Health degree.


Occupationally Competent  

On completion, apprentices are eligible to apply for UKPHR registration. Registration provides assurance, public protection and recognition of achievement.


Next Steps

  1. Prospective apprentices: New entrants should look out for L6 PHP apprenticeship job openings. Existing employees within a public health departments or fields can use this form to discuss their interest with their line manager.
  2. Interested employers: Employers within Yorkshire and Humber area are encouraged to complete the expression of interest form.


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