A number of apprenticeships support the building of capacity and the different unique capabilities within the public health workforce. 

Apprenticeships are work-based training programmes that provide;

  1. Routes into a variety of careers within public health and across all employment sectors.
  2. Opportunities to learn, earn and achieve a nationally recognised certification up to masters level qualification degree.
  3. Individuals with opportunities to gain experience, skills and knowledge in an apprenticeship relevant to the occupational area of work and to become fully competent in the chosen job role/career.

The video below is a brief description of what apprenticeships are.

The apprenticeships that support public health careers may include to the following but not limited to as seen below;

  1. Level 3 – Community Health and Wellbeing Worker
  2. Level 4 – Associate Project Manager
  3. Level 6 – Public Health Practitioner
  4. Level 6 – Environmental Health Practitioner
  5. Level 7 – Systems Thinking Practitioner
  6. Level 7 – Health and Care Intelligence Specialist