Minding the Gap

Health inequalities remain acute across the Yorkshire and Humber and it is argued that the gap between socio-economic groups is widening.

Since 2007, Minding the Gap has been involved in the promotion of well-being and inclusion through proactively preventing ill-health and by integrating the support of social care, planning, employment, benefits, housing, transport and all other elements that build a sustainable community.

During the relatively short period Public Health has been within the control of Local Authorities there has been a realisation that the cultural shifts across all of these areas need to continue to enable close and effective working. It will require more efficient implementation, effectively drawing on learning from good practice and research.

Minding the Gap has, as its core aim, the promotion of the wider understanding of the potential health impacts of these wider services. It has also worked to increase understanding among local government and health partners of the complementary ways in which they can work to lever improvement in health and reduce health inequalities, using existing systems, structures and processes more effectively.

For further information please contact: Ian Copley, Programme Manager, Minding the Gap, Email: icopley@wakefield.gov.uk

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