Yorkshire & the Humber & North East TB Control Board

The Joint Yorkshire & Humber & North East TB Control Board (YHNE TBCB) was established in September 2015 in response to the national TB Strategy that was published by PHE and NHS England in January 2015. The strategy has ten key ambitions to make significant advances in TB control which are:

Improve access to services and ensure early diagnosis

  1. Provide universal access to high quality diagnostics
  2. Improve treatment and care services
  3. Ensure comprehensive contact tracing
  4. Improve BCG vaccination uptake
  5. Reduce drug-resistant TB
  6. Tackle TB in under-served populations
  7. Systematically implement new entrant latent TB screening
  8. Strengthen surveillance and monitoring
  9. Ensure an appropriate workforce to deliver TB control

The YHNE TBCB has been very active since 2015; they have held a number of educational events and oversee various work streams. All their documents, events and updates are available on their SharePoint site. To access this or for more information contact the programme manager Cathie.railton@phe.gov.uk

Document Title Publication Date
YHNE TBCB quarterly update - Issue 7 01 February 2018
TB Study dates (Regional and National) 2018 17 January 2018
YHNE TBCB quarterly update - Issue 6 01 September 2017
YHNE TBCB quarterly update - Issue 5 01 March 2017