Julia Burrows (Vice-Chair)

Director of Public Health, Barnsley Council

Julia is the Director of Public Health for Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council and an honorary senior lecturer in public health at the University of Sheffield.  After gaining a Psychology degree from the University of Durham, she trained as a nurse at University College Hospital, London, then as a midwife and health visitor in Sheffield.  Prior to specialising in public health she worked in the NHS as a community nursing manager, while also pursuing an academic interest in law and medical ethics.  She has a postgraduate conversion degree in Law and a master’s degree in Medicine, Law and Ethics and a Master in Public Health degree.  She started her higher specialist public health training in 2006, and worked in various locations across South and West Yorkshire.  After completing her public health training, she worked in Bradford as a consultant in public health before being appointed as Director of Public Health for Barnsley in January 2015.  She was a member of the NICE Committee, developing guidance lifestyle weight management programmes for children and young people, and worked with Public Health England on the development of a model for public health nursing.   She is currently a member of the School of Public Health Research Advisory Committee at the University of Sheffield

Title Published Date
Barnsley - Annual Public Health Report 01 April 2017