CVD Prevention & Detection within Humber, Coast and Vale

16 March 2020


Date and Time:

Mon 16 March 2020
12:30 – 16:30



Hull University - Byron Room, Canham Turner building, Hull University, Cottingham Road, Hull



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What does a supportive cardiovascular prevention & detection system look like in Humber Coast and Vale for people?

Come along to an event organised by the Humber Coast and Vale CVD prevention & detection group on Monday 16th March to help us develop the answer.


Cardiovascular Disease is still one of the biggest causes of premature death and disability in the UK; with 1 person dying every 4 minutes. It disproportionally affects people from more deprived areas. Not only do people die younger, they also live longer with poor health which greatly affects their quality of life and ability to participate fully in their community, family life and the workplace.

Cardiovascular Disease is highly preventable and in Humber Coast and Vale there is significant opportunity to improve the health and life expectancy of people through the prevention and detection of risk factors.

The reasons for the increased burden of physical ill-health and reduced life expectancy are complex, involving interrelated factors such as wider social factors, health risks, effects of medication, stigma and discrimination.

Continued support from the Humber Coast and Vale partnership is essential to develop a system which supports this prevention and detection agenda and meets the Public Health England CVD ambitions, and treating tobacco dependency in the NHS Long term Plan.

If your work involves reducing health inequalities, improving health, wellbeing and economic prosperity and making Humber Coast and Vale a healthier place for people , then this event is for you.