Public Health Summit: The Unusual Suspects

24 October 2018


Date and Time:

Wed 24 October 2018
09:30 – 16:30




£245.00 plus VAT

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The common public perception of public health is that it concerns lifestyle issues such as obesity, tobacco, alcohol and drugs. Whilst these challenges are high profile and well publicised, there are many lesser-known factors that significantly impact on population health and yet do not command the same notoriety.

As part of the health and social care portfolio, Open Forum Events are pleased to be hosting the Public Health: The Unusual Suspects conference. The aim of this meeting is to highlight matters that present considerable public health concern but lack the emphasis on the more conventional subjects.

Public health demands are constantly evolving as society develops and changes through time. Historically, sanitation was a major public health initiative, whilst modern day concerns include evaluating and mitigating the effects of modern technology, such as the use of smartphones and other ICT platforms.

Loneliness and social isolation have now been established as a growing concern in the UK, not only for its devastating impact on individual’s quality of life but also on their health. Poverty is still exerting its negative influence on health throughout society. Children are in danger of malnutrition over school holidays, whilst fuel poverty continues to contribute to excess winter deaths. The impacts of gambling addiction are far wider reaching than most people can imagine and although new legislation has recently been announced, it will remain to be seen if it goes far enough. Connected communities are healthier communities. When the links are broken, health and well-being are compromised. These issues, along with air pollution, shift work, climate change and extreme weather events, are not the obvious choices to appear on a list of public health problems, however, they are all very relevant.

The Public Health: The Unusual Suspects conference will bring together an agenda of expert speakers, who will provide delegates with insight and information on each of the topic areas featured. There will be ample opportunity throughout the day to discuss and debate the issues, engage with speakers and share knowledge and best practice with fellow professionals