Career and Workforce Development

The Y&H Workforce Development Steering Group (WDSG)* has been set up to enhance the capacity and capability of the public health workforce, the core priorities of the Y&H ADPH Network and new and emerging structures for public/population health.  Recognising the role of Workforce as a key pillar within the Y&H Sector-led Improvement Framework, we aim to  ensure the continuous development of a competent, trusted and professional multi-disciplinary public health workforce.

The Y&H Workforce Development Plan details a systems approach to ensure that:

  • We maintain a multi-disciplinary approach to public health workforce development covering all domains of public health and the new and emerging organisations that protect and improve health
  • Public health is still recognised as a distinct speciality in the Yorkshire and the Humber
  • The public health system is able to attract and retain the workforce it needs to protect and improve health
  • The workforce has access to collaborative shared learning and CPD, with a particular focus on the development of generalist public health skills across in Core Public Health teams
  • The region’s wider workforce is actively engaged in delivering the public health agenda with a focus on the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise sector (VCSE) and Anchor Institutions.

Workforce Development Steering Group Chair:  Victoria Eaton, Director of Public Health, Leeds City Council

*The Workforce Development Steering Group is represented by The Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (OHID) Y&H, NHS England (School of Public Health Y&H) and the Association of Directors of Public Health (ADsPH) for Y&H.

Contact Information: Chris Sharp, Workforce Development Manager, OHID Y&H.  Email 

Priority Programmes - Core Public Health Workforce 

Public Health Speciality Training

The Yorkshire and Humber School of Public Health We are a dynamic, friendly, and supportive speciality school delivering high quality, comprehensive training for individuals wishing to become Consultants in Public Health.  Click here for further details.

UK Specialist registration by portfolio assessment

UKPHR’s Specialist Registration by Portfolio Assessment (SRbPA) registration is an alternative way of registering with UKPHR at Specialist level for those who have not undertaken the Standard Route of obtaining Specialist registration and are not on the GMC/GDC Public Health Specialty registers.  Click here for further details.

The Masters in Public Health (MPH)

The course covers a broad range of topics related to public health, including epidemiology, biostatistics, environmental health, health policy and management, social and behavioural sciences, global health, and research methods.  The MPH is typically a years course (full time) or can be studied part time over a two year period, this option is ideal for colleagues already in employment.  Click here for further details

Public Health Practitioner Workforce Development

A collaborative partnership has been established between Health Education England Y&H, University of Leeds and the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (OHID) & UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) Y&H to offer a structured programme of development for Public Health workers in the region. Click here for further details.

Public Health Apprenticeships (L3 - L7)

There are a number of Public Health Apprenticeships available that support both career progression as well as encouraging new talent in to public/population health roles.  Click here for further details.

Public Health Careers

Public health is about helping people to stay healthy and protecting them from threats to their health.  While medicine and nursing are vital for helping and supporting people when they fall ill, work in public health contributes to reducing the causes of ill-health and improving people's health and wellbeing. Click here for further details.

Public Health Taster Days/Sessions

This Public Health Taster session has been designed to provide an overview Public health, some of the key public health challenges within local, national and global health and an opportunity to meet and learn from some of our experienced and dedicated public health professionals.  Click here for further details.

Priority Programmes - Wider Public Health Workforce

Foundation programme in Public Health 

This is a new and flexible way to learn core public health skills needed to address health inequalities and support population health initiatives.  An understanding of the foundational knowledge of what health inequalities are and its application within our various roles and responsibilities can play a key role in narrowing the widening health inequality gap. Click here for further details

Population Health and Prevention resources

Population health holds that there are a wide range of determinants of health and wellbeing, many of which lie beyond the reach of health and care services, that determine the health of a population. An emphasis on reducing inequalities in health as well as improving health overall is core to population health approaches.  Click here for further details.

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